Hidden Geometry combined with Innovative Physics

Innovative Physics and Geometry used in Forex, Stock and Futures Trading see examples below

Alan Andews was known for turning $5,000 into $50,000 in a few months, as is shown in the Expanded Andrews Course Material. Are we getting close to being able to do what he did?

What you see below is what I see in the morning. If you look at this site on a daily basis you will soon realize that its really good technology and you will feel intrigued......Please tell four friends about it.

Andrews this week

When will the market drop stop?

For some reason markets like to use these Babson lines for support and resistance as they go down.

The first graph was the 2001 decline. The one above is the 2007 decline.

Above you can see the aftermath of the flash crash in 2011.

Here we are in 2014.........what will occur next?



This was part of a write up on CNN

Above was seen on CNN. Below is the after


As seen in Andrews email group



Also on CNN

The chart above was seen on CNN at  



Andrews this week.........week of July 6 below

The method used to determine pivots is covered in three of the course videos. Why is this important? The method you use impacts the number of trades you have. Below is a simple test with a simple unoptimized system.

Note that even though the test used the exact same data, the number of trades varied according to the method used to determine pivots.


 Andrews this week below.

June 30  We start with a real $ test in Forex. This market is the most liquid market.

 The trading style is to have trades that last a few weeks.

June 30 above


The morning of July1 above



The evening of July 1 above

The right most columns show the days profit or loss on a position ……which is still open.

With the AUD JPY you can see that there were changes from short to long to short.

With SGD.JPY it is still long and NZD. JPY is still short.


To have a perspective on the money here, note that per pair traded the margin required is under $900, by IB....See actual on July 4.

With other brokers it can be as low as a few hundred dollars. These other brokers have higher commissions and fees, in most cases.

With forex pairs the investors go long and short an equal amount in 2 currencies. It is the change in the value relative to the other that causes changes in the profit or loss in that position. Risk in Forex is different from risk in stocks. It is best to go to the Interactive Brokers web site to learn about the risk there.

July 2 morning above.

The values at the far right represent the net $ value change for the day on the open positions. Audjpy has gone down from 265 to 121. This means that the profit (change) made yesterday was subtracted. The situation is similar for sgdjpy.

If you notice on the right for sdgjpy there is a price 81.38, this is the purchase price. The present price is on the left 81.45. Therefore the position is profitable for the last several days in total. The -17 represents the net change this morning.

July 2 evening below

July 3 morning below

 July 3 evening below


…………………………………………………………………………………………………July 4th there is little change.

Ok so how did the real $ test go this week?

What is the risk and what is the percentage of profit based upon the margin used?





Below are some of the various charts and screen shots sent to the private (Advanced Andrews)  group and the public-free (precisiontrader) group.

You can join the mailing list, by joining the free yahoo group after clicking upon NEW? to the left of this. Click on Products and you can be on your way to learning how to do what we do.

We pay a well known, independent third party, to act like a broker, take our theoretical and real money trades, and publish what you see here. They do not permit changes after the fact. This results in a real time theoretical track record that appears to be very similar to real time trading. Below are the snapshots in the early morning.

Would you like to learn to trade like this?.....start by taking the Advanced Andrews Course.


June 25 is below

innovative physics


June 24 is below

June 23 is below

June 20 is below

June 19 below

June 18 below


June 17 below

Below is a summary of the last few weeks in one of the real time test accounts

Chris wanted to see some intraday charts on an ETF..........so we sent the 5 min charts below. The logic was to look for a buy point since the New Andrews Pitchfork Indicator suggested a price surge to come.

June 16 below



June 13 below

June 12 below


June 11 below


June 10 below

June 9 below

June 6 below

June 5 below

June 4 below

June 3 below

June 2 below

June 1 below


May 30 below

Note: Actual Q&A on the bottom of this page.


This is made available to Advanced Andrews Students in order to assist them in studying the course methods, prior to their starting to actually trade. It is purely for educational purposes and not financial advice.

A college professor commented that this track record was "lighting in a bottle". We however know that there are others that are far more skilled. One example was Professor Alan Hall Andrews in the 1970's.

In the 1970's Dr. Andrews, would send out a news letter on Thursday with an actual script that the students would read to their broker on Monday. It was part of his 5K to 50K demonstrations that typically took four to six months.

On this page are examples of buy and sell points that an instructor of the techniques found using the Advanced Andrews course methods, in real time. It reflects the skill sets of someone who has completed our instructor level training, utilizing mostly what is in our Advanced Course. Similar trades may have been taken in our real money accounts.

Please take a moment to examine where the buy signals and sell signals took place on the respective chart. In addition draw in the course lines called for in the ARB advanced course manual. This is all posted for educational purposes only.


May 29 below

May 28 below

May 27 below

HI Ron,
Thanks for the email and attachment.  I was just curious if these are real trades or paper trades.  Also, are the commodity trades overnight trades - it seems that they are.  Is it possible to apply the Andrews Course concepts to intraday charts, on shorter timeframes, say 15 min down to 3 min?  


Hi Chris,
There is a service I pay for that is available to the public that takes my trades just like a broker does. The difference is that that I get to pay for the privilege and get $0 in profit or loss..........unless I do them in my actual accounts.
Take this morning........I sent out a notice to the Advanced Andrews group, letting them know what I was about to act on. Then I went theoretically short at the service where this is all tracked.
Then I put on trades in over 7 real accounts that also went short the market.
Busy morning.  
Can this be used in small time frame charts?
I have demonstrated that it can on many occasions.
Thanks for the reply Ron,

You said that your "potential" trades are available to the public - is that just through the Yahoo Forum, or is there a website where the public can see them also?  I want to follow along and see the performance of the system.  Do you have any stats on that at all?  I do like the method and just want to observe for a while to learn more if the trading style and risk aspects suit myself.


This information is available to the public to give them an idea about Andrews techniques. It is also sent to the private email group.......in a more timely manner, where the purpose is to assist in learning the techniques. You get to see much of what an instructor does at nearly the time he does it..
As for risk there is another instructor that is doing something similar where the risk is smaller, basis draw down and entry techniques used. At a later time that may be posted.
The posting that is being done now may not be available in the future. I am building software that will go to a company that will sell a service using it. At that time I may sign a contract that prohibits me from posting this kind of information and selling the course. 

Tell a friend to come and join us.
Take the course from us while you still can.






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