Hidden Geometry combined with Innovative Physics

Innovative Physics and Geometry used in Forex, Stock and Futures Trading see examples below....

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The Babson Profit ladder is used on special occasions. It has the unique ability of helping the trader navigate the stormy waters of what to many looks like a market hurricane.


At the start of this down move the above chart was sent out to members of the free precisiontrader.com email group. Below is what happened there after.(click to enlarge)


Note that these lines showed you in advance, geometric points that are likely to be support or resistance.

So how might they be used?

1) Use them only when it is called for.

2) Know in advance your down side target. (Lower than values seen on the above chart)

3) Go only with the trend.

4) When prices come up (in a down trend) to a line sell.

5) The risk is prices closing time above the line.

6) Take profits when prices get to the down side target.






























































































































































Alan Andews was known for turning $5,000 into $50,000 in a few months, as is shown in the Expanded Andrews Course Material.

What you see below is what I see in the morning. If you look at this site on a daily basis you will soon realize that its really good technology and you will feel intrigued......Please tell four friends about it.



Before is below After is Above





The chart above is the 30 min chart of the etf SPY below is the futures daily futures contract. Of course this insight was available to course members in the private email group prior to being posted here.


Above is posted on 10/2/2014




For some reason markets like to use these Babson lines for support and resistance as they go down.


The first graph was the 2001 decline. The one above is the 2007 decline.

Above you can see the aftermath of the flash crash in 2011.



















































































Chris wanted to see some intraday charts on an ETF..........so we sent the 5 min charts below. The logic was to look for a buy point since the New Andrews Pitchfork Indicator suggested a price surge to come.







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